Welcome to my web-site! If you have been out there looking for me, here I am! I am not a big social media guy but being a musician who writes and performs I need to have a way to get the word out so here it is. All info about whats going on with me and my music is right here, even songs you can purchase! Check back often and enjoy!

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June 29th. My band Slugger has been working hard at recording our original songs. We are doing it ourselves so it will take some time but we hope to have something you can listen too very soon. I will also have some solo stuff on this site to download and purchase. Please let me know what you think about this web-site! That’s all for now.

Hey all you good people!

just putting the word out that I am still making music when I can and the band(Slugger) is still recording when possible. Its a very busy world and it can be hard to find the time to do things you love when life gets in the way but I can't give up!

Pleas check back and I hope to have some new music up on here soon. I may post some old recordings  from the past. Take care!